THEME 17; still into you

let me present you my seventeenth theme. you should use at last 800px high sidebar image because otherwise it will repeat itself and that’s not pretty. i also like to use a bright link color because it looks nice. hover or description and remember to add sidebar quote! you’ll find the box under all of the links on appearance panel (the quote flips over if you hover it). follow the rules and party hard

→ live preview

↳ downloadproblems

- 8 custom links and theme credit
- 200px x 800px sidebar image
- nice audioplayer for audioposts
- custom colors, selection and scrollbar

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BLOGROLL 1 by midorithemes(midorinomai)

live preview | static preview | codes


  • 200px by 500px sidebar image
  • hover description and links
  • all colors are customizable
  • there are comments in the code for easy customization


  • if your description length differs from the one in the static preview, don’t forget to change the bottom margin for the links
  • if you want to add more links, find <div id=”links”> and just add links under! (<a href=”url”>link title</a>)

if you have any other questions, just ask!


„SAIL” -THEME 07- {live preview}{code}


I.sidebar img-280x680px

II.6 links

III.all the colors are customizable viewed in google chrome

V.try to keep your description long


I.KEEP the credit

II.don’t use this code as a base

III.don’t claim as your own can edit this theme if you want but you must keep the credit or reblog if you’re using it (or you think it’s nice)

VI.base code by  stateofgraces




live preview | code

  • 350x900 sidebar (few sidebars for this theme can be found here)
  • 4 customize links
  • Don’t use it as a base
  • Don’t steal the code
  • If you have any questions, ask me here.


In the company of wolves [Theme 08]

live preview - download

  • Up to 10 custom links
  • Sidebar image/gif (aligned bottom) - max width 150px (should resize automatically)
  • Separate ‘subheading’ beneath title, description and links in sliding drop down.
  • Optional small cursor/pointer
  • Customisable colours, links & background
  • Centered theme (margins adjust with screen width)

Sidebar edit by me.

Any glitches, or questions, hit up my ask. Thanks :3

Please don’t remove credit, a like or reblog would be appreciated!


theme #20  by malfoymannor!

live preview // code

  • 173px by 122px sidebar
  • two links 
  • feel free to edit, keep credit intact. 
  • if you have questions ask here!
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  • go here for my other themes.


Theme 5 - Our Saving Grace

  • 4 Customizable links
  • Sidebar with 100 x 100 px
  • Customizable italic and bold colors
  • With Title
  • Hover navigation
  • Do not claim as your own
  • You can edit if you want but don’t remove the credit
  • Like or Reblog this post if you use

Questions = Go to my ask box

{ Live Preview - Pastebin }


Theme 37 by Hollywhood ↴

Live preview | Code

  • 5 customisable links
  • 3 x 55x55 sidebars
  • 1 400 x 100% sidebar (it will automatically stretch to your screen size)

like/tell me if using, thank you!

if there are problems message me! .x


noxvita theme 2.05 "sooner than later";
{live preview} {download} {alt. download}.

  • 2 titles: one overlapping sidebar and a subtittle underneith.
  • 5/7 custom links slide out when you hover sidebar.
  • left sidebar image: 220 x 286px (will auto resize itself).
  • right long sidebar: 250 x 700+px (will auto resize itself).
  • you can set a different background for posts.
  • description can be as long as you want.
  • pagination featured under the description.
  • 400px posts (not adjustable)
  • color customizable.
  • includes tags.


THEME #7 | Drown

Preview & Code